José Augusto Mourão



Text is dead

The artificial and the natural


Reconfiguring narrative

Hypertextual organisation



"A poem is a small (or large)
machine made of words."
- William Carlos Williams, Collected Poems

"So, does this mean that literature is dying on the Web? On the contrary. If anything, true to the nature of silver ages, we are into a mini boom as electronic magazines and prizes proliferate, new electronic publishers emerge, organizations spring up to develop online readerships and bring them into contact with the new writers" - Robert Coover.

  "Ce qu'apporte l'informatique à la littérature c'est la possibilite de travailler le chaos dans le mouvement du chaos lui-même: apprivoiser l'orde du désordre. Faire de la littérature un écrit vivant où des causes initialement indépendentes mêlent brusquement leurs effets dans la construction d'un sens nouveau." - Balpe 1996.

"This is the design that is the basis of all culture: to deceive nature by means of technology, to replace what is natural with what is artificial and build a machine out of which there comes a god who is ourselves. In short, the design behind all culture has to be deceptive enough to turn mere mammals conditioned by nature into free artists" - Vilem Flusser, Philosophy of design .