Habitat : Mabudo (Moller). Paulino de Oliveira's letter
Inside Paulino's letter there is the statment on the habitat written by Moller

In the head, a): "There is a reference to this specimen in Newton's letters" - written by me, Estela Guedes

Ending: "Today I asked Moller for the information that you asked me. He brought the snake from São Tomé. He caught it at the ROÇA MABUDO [Moller's calligraphy]. He kept it at home with other snakes, thinking it was a duplicatum. Finally, he decided to send all the duplicata to Bedriaga and among them was that snake."

Carta de Paulino de Oliveira para Bocage, Coimbra, 31 de Março (no year). Arquivo histórico do Museu Bocage, CN/O-7.